THE JEWEL OF BALKAN – 4th chapter

4th chapter     

Conqueror with big heart

The hometown of Emperor Constantine the Great and the kings Constancious II and Justin I lay on the Nisava, a large river which in fact, divides the city into two parts, but connect by bridges. I walked a paved, wide streets and watched the large, white fort that is still blurring in my eyes. White house with wooden beams and tidy gardens all the way to the Median. Today, it is the archaeological site, and sometimes it seemed luxurious royal estate in which was actually born the Emperor Constantine. Due to the recognition of Christianity 313th , the edict ofMilanas one of the legitimate state religion in the past,Constantineused to call the thirteenth apostle. According to legend, his mother Empress Helena, was born in Braljina, in a small village near the town ofLazarus, Krusevac.

“Either I am crazy or everything is magic circle”, I thought and looked at my notice. In that moment someone appears behind me and  patted me gently on the shoulder. I followed the horror. Firmly clasping my notes, I turned in order to push a ghost away.

„Philip!“, I screamed. Fortunately, there was already a ghost, my friend Philip. We went to high school together and we were pretty good friends.

„Its so nice to see you again“, he said, holding my hand.

„How are you?“, he asked.

„Ok, at least I think I’m ok“, I answered and felt some kind of stupid. I wished to bump him and return for my scare a moment ago, and yet on the other hand I was so happy that I see him.

„Love. Love made you find old pal. Ha?“, he laughed. At first I did not know what to tell him because I was caught in a very bad time, but I caught glimpse of shadows in his eyes and as approval I nodded.

„You’re looking good“, he said.

We took a long walk down the  Mediana,ĆeleTowerand at the end we drank coffee in one of the restaurants near Niš Fortress. We talked about everything. He saw that I carry a see of papers, compass, symbols. He was very curious, as soon as his eyes constantly dragging my backpack from which are sticking out my maps.

„You search for something?“

„How do you mean? I don’t get it“,  I made a fool of myself like I don’t know anything, and I was already scared.

„You know. I don’t need to repeat myself. And it could be dangerous“, he lowered his head as he hide. I looked intently at him.

„How do you mean dangerous? What’s your point? You are hiding from someone?“, I began to feel I’m little bit nervous.

„Watch what you’re doing? You see those two guys from your right?“, discretely pointed to the guys in black leather jackets who were in the same bar, but away from us.

„You see, they followed you since you arrived here. I dont know who they are and why the are tracking after you“.

„But why would they do that? What are you trying?“, I’ve been very rood. I got up and went upstairs from the café. I wanted to get away from him, but I didnt because I was caught up in half. He grabbed my hand and drew closer to him, as close as he could.

„Look across my shoulder. You see they got up too, they are following you“,  I could not resist him because he was right, and something was telling me I believe it. And when those two gorillas moved towards us, he hugged me hard and kissed. I revolved in my head. Long no one kissed me with so much passion. I was left without comment. Gorillas are seamlessly passed by, and the whole scene of him and me in his arms, resembled a heartbreaking love doing Romeo and Juliet.

„We need to get out of here. We are going to apartment of my cousin, you will be safe there. Its too dangerous at my place“, he grabbed my hand. We passed through the old fort for almost two millennia, in which the Turks built their tower on the ruins of ancient and medieval fortresses. In the ancient period of low fort is mentioned as a strong castrum, which is claimed to be more than once won, but that he never surrendered or was captured. Now I was on the path of darkness and uncertainty, lonely, obsessed, maybe even won. But for this last, I was not sure. He took me, he went ahead of me. We pushed through the crowd of people who have come to consume a good taste of jazz, the Nisvil Fest. On the summer stage of the Nis Fortress, each year there is an international jazz festival.

„Don’t think I’m joking. Someone told me you are in a trouble. He never said anything about himself or where he called from. I feel I have to protect you“, he said to me. I was breathing hard and I was red in the face thinking about kiss few moments ago. My lips are wanted more.

“Are you ok?”, he worried. He is too masculine, and too close to be able to answer him otherwise. Instead, I came closer.

„I’m fine“, I mumbled, trying to calm my passions. First time I am looking at this man in this way. I noticed my friend grew up in real man. I froze up. My lips were only few centimeters away. I could feel his breath. Its not enough to say he is hansom, definitely its worth to look at him twice. That night we went in his aunt apartment. Filip already slept, but I could not.  I took a strong coffee and set on sofa in the living room. Whole place was decorated with authentic ethno furniture and details. On the floor there was a  red rug from Pirot and walls were decorated with Wiehler  tapestries. I never liked them and kind a think its not in style any more. In the corner, there was a ficus in cyclamen colors and its dominated in this room. On the low table I saw few roses in a crystal vase. In the plate, next to vase, the real and tasty Serbian delicates – Gibanica (Pie), cut in small and equal pieces. Probably made of household eggs and peasants cheese. I adore it and like it more than McDonalds.  I enjoyed in black coffee when my cell phone rang in the pocket of my jacket. Private number. In that moment Philip woke up and said:

„Get some rest, we are going soon“.

„Where you think we should go?“, I asked him.

„Zaječar… Romuliana“, mumbled in his chin and fell a sleep again.



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