THE JEWEL OF BALKAN – 5th chapter

5th chapter     

Traianus empire

„The Roman emperors have passed through here”, used to say Philip, showing Romuliana.

“Perhaps, this is one of the traces”, I absorbed view.

“Kiss me”, I must have been crazy when I’m thought it, but I said that. He smiled on me , weighing me from head to toe. My wild blue hair addled the breeze, and my yellow shirt emphasized the full- breasted. His eyes stopped on them.

“Are you sure you want me to do that?”, he asked.

“Yes”, I said.

“We will not have problems after that?”.

“You know that I am with you and I won’t let you go.”, he muttered while he was kissing me. My lips wanted more and more kisses. Although Marco didn’t kiss me so good as he did. Some strange feeling appeared in me. Has not given me peace. While we were kissing in the Timocka krajina, witches  was dancing around us, so we didn’t saw that something strange happened. In the powerful town with about 20 determined towers, which name is Romuliana, like Maximilian’s mother, straddled the luxurious palace, two pagan temples, three Christian churches and other building. Floor mosaics are the best achievements of late antique period. There used to live Timah’s, who apostate from Bulgarians and merged with Slavs. This is witnessed The White and The Black Timok, making The Big Timok. And here we go for a swim. But, when I speak of love I mean about Philip, instead I’m not sure in  my feelings with it. I am afraid of Marco, and what will be if he find out about Philip and I. Do I still love him? I didn’t say to Philip about Marco. He probably will probably think that I am an easy woman. But I lost control. I just need to do it and say stop to feelings. Maybe magic can help me with it. This place is known with magic. The Vlach used to do it, especially erotic magic. It is like voodoo magic. This rituals help people with disease and sickness. But I need double dose, one for trouble, for me, and one for love, for Philip and Marco. Oops! My heart will jump. I have a message from unknown number: “Who is where?“- said Karadjordje while he was walking here. For the first I thought that some child send me that message. And then I received other message: “ There, where empires were changing , you come, to Rudnik”. I called that number but it wasn’t available. I didn’t say anything to Philip.

“Hey, baby, I know some place where we can swim and eat”, said Philip..

“Is it near? I am very hungry”.

“Yes! It is near!”, he put his hand on my leg. It was beautiful. I was wanted that again.

“Are you cold?”.

“No, I am hungry and tired”, I put off his hand of me. I also heard that Vlach their magic use also in cook. We came in some ethno restaurant, near Djerdap George.

“We can offer you Belmuz, lamb soup, domestic cheese, spinach pie, and aspic, of course.”, said the waiter.

„O, yes, we acsept your suggestion. Every year in this area is held „Belmuzijada“. Belmuz is traditional meal in this area. In hot milk continiously mix com . And domestic cheese is so delicious. It is making from goat milk. They are realy good masters in making that cheese. I know a secret for making yogurt. Some Vlas said that to my father sometime: milk must boiled and cold a little; then it mixed with yogurt, twiste in blanket, and put on some warm place, while he changing taste from sweet to sour. Then milk „ catched“ on the surface, and put in retrigerator to get cold. And after such a meal i couldn’t move.

„Do you want to swimm?“, i just said yes. Then we make up to Trayan’s bridge. It is monumental building on Danube river, where this river passing through Djerdap George. It is on place where Gornja Mezijai Dakija( Serbia and Romania today)merge in . The bridge is built by Marco Ulpije Nerva Trajana, during The Second visit on Decane. Then, i received one more message: „ I am waiting for the moment when i used to make Dakija mine, and when i cross the bridge i will meet with you.“I was so scare of that message. Whose are those scary messages!?  Upon the bridge is Trayan’s board, or „Tabula Trayana“, with the following descriptin:

„Emperor Ceasar, son of Nerve,

Nerve Trayan Avgust, victor over Germans,

The Great pontif, appointed for tribune, for the forth time

Father of country, konzul for third time,

Carved the mountaines and seted the beams

Whose making these trail“

 Trayan made trace on this place, where is Djerdap lake now. The lake was made in 1972, when Serbia  and Romania build power machinery, in Djerdap George. On shore of the lake is national park Djerdap and medieval town Golubac. The tower was in within the state of  King Lazar. It is preserved in a nowdays and it is a beautifull sight from the tower. We was swimming in the lake, whose color is in the middle of green and blue. But i still filling the scare because of those messages. Finnaly, i said for it to Philip. I started to cry.

„Psst! Don’t say anything . I am with you. I will take care of you“.

„Just hold me“, i said. That night we slept in our car. But i couldn’t sleep. I came out of the car and heard some lisp. I saw the man in long dark coat. He was standing near us. Didn’t see his face.

„Who is there?“, i asked. In that moment Philip woke up. The man escaped.

„Come into the car. Don’t stay outside.“

„Everything is strange here. Let go!“, i said.

„Do you want to go to some near hotel, to drink coffee? I didn’t say that they called me someone following us.“

„Who told you that?“. But he didn’t know the answer.




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