2. CRIME STORY – In the dark, all cats are black

In the dark, all cats are black


What’s that thrill? Thrill that’s not a part of normal and everyday life and that makes men to escape from reality and puts him under the veil of the dark secret.  Why people choose this way of expressing something that can not be otherwise expressed. The way they do that? That afternoon it was impossible to decipher the enigma of love for centuries stamped between Venus and Mars. Laki took a deep breath and pushed all the naughty thoughts that have stirred his adrenaline – he still is a married man with a rank of detective. But, the stunning, thirty seven year old, Lara Cohen rarely leaves somebody indifferent. Lara was a widow and wife of his late friend Max. Although she was twice younger than he, Laki has always believed that they were made for each other.  Now, two years after the death of Max, Lara desperately needed help from a true friend. And that friend was the detective. She walked into his flat, precisely when he was alone. She told him the story of her loneliness and longing for companionship. After that, she hurried to the hotel, leaving a deep imprint of her perfume, “Kenzo Amour”, in the air. She smelled exactly the same as two years ago. Her voice was velvety and slightly lengthened speech. She did everything possible to curb the anxiety and excitement. Despite her sophistication, sometimes she revealed her other side, like a real cat.

“If you’re free tonight, call me. I will be in the restaurant of hotel „Moscow“, at 7 pm. I’ll wait for you”, she said, leaving him with a thought. What does she want from him? He could only guess, though he assumed…

After 5 pm, he couldn’t think straight. Someone rang at the door. He felt chills, hoping to see charming Lara again, perhaps. He was immensely disappointed when he saw a new neighbour, Mr. Li, on the doorstep of his flat.

“Apartment 56?” asked Mr. Li.

“No, no sir, this is No. 50. Your flat is on the next floor… Haven’t they explained it to you?” he answered unwillingly and thought of the janitor of their building, who is obviously didn’t his job well and where such errors were common. He restrained his anger and smiled gently, but he promised himself that he will teach a lesson to that charlatan, as soon as he sees him.

„Sorry neighbour; always stray when I don’t put my glasses. I thought that I had them in my pocket, but…”

“… but they weren’t”, Laki said.

“Yes. Myopia is a nasty thing. My wife cannot understand my negligence. I often forget my glasses, even though I always think I brought them…”

“… but, they were in another jacket”, said the detective.

“How do you know?” Mr. Li was astonished.logo LAKI

“The same thing happened to me.”

“C’est la vie. For this reason I don’t socialize, and rarely go out, while my wife is eager for everything. Therefore, its better she has a friend. Maybe you’ve seen her. She was here a couple of times. Doris Plat. “

“Oh, yes. I’ve seen her. Sorry Mr. Li but I’m in a hurry. We’ll talk another time.” Laki interrupted the awkward moment and escorted his neighbour to his apartment. Then he heard giggles of Mrs. Li and her friend Doris. For some unknown reason, had never liked Ms. Doris. She was very repulsive and ugly for a girl her age. She reminded him of someone, but did not know of whom. Unlike fascinating Lara, who was the embodiment of grace and beauty, Doris Plat was the opposite of that – heavyset, pronounced chin, big nose, hairy hands, without any sensuality and gestures on the fly. However, her hair was black azure and always shiny. But still Laki is sick of the thought that he has to kiss a woman who looks like that. However, the afternoon was too nice to be spoiled by rubbish. It was time to prepare for the meeting. After half an hour, the detective was already on its way to the hotel “Moscow”. Having had more time to seven, he decided to walk the back streets, through green parks. As the minutes passed, and the moon turns for the sun – it was pleasant for walking. He decided to go to the flower shop on the corner and buy a nice flower for Lara. But the sight he saw a few feet in front of him, left him amazed. He quickly hid behind the large oak tree that stood next to the trim trails and watched from the sidelines. At first, he could not believe his eyes. And then he double-pinched himself on the cheek and realized that it was not a dream. In a darkened corner, on a bench in a large bush sat Mrs. Li and her ugly friend Doris, but they were not acting like two friends usually do. They were more intimate. The left leg of Mrs. Li was on the right thigh Ms. Doris and Ms. Doris’ right hand was on her waist. It was an unusual sight, but not because of a scene that was common for young couples that meet in the park at night, but because the two middle-aged women behave so. And then it was a real shock. Ms. Doris kissed Mrs. Li in the mouth, very juicy. The detective looked astonished and bit his hand to remain silent. But he could not control himself when he saw that Ms. Doris fell off hair from her head. Doris immediately looked at Mrs. Li. In her eyes she saw a horrible fear. She gave her a sign, and then Mrs. Li lost for a few seconds. At that moment, street lights turned on and illuminate the bench where now Doris was sitting alone. Laki had the full picture in front of him and now he knew why he was felling such an aversion to her. And the reason was more than obvious. In the case that Doris was Doris none of this would be. But Doris was Boris, cleverly disguised young janitor of their building. That’s why Laki felt repelled by Doris the whole time, just because she reminded him of someone. Boris was able to pass as a woman and to make clear to everyone, including the detective; that all cats can be black in the dark. And myopia blurred Mr. Li’s vision so he could not notice the difference and distinguish the person behind the mask. Myopia has made this affair even more credible. Laki turned a blind eye for a moment, and when he looked towards the bench, no one else was there.

It was almost 7 pm and Laki quickly went where he suppose to meet Lara, a cat that even in the dark differed from the others. Although he did not know what she really wants from him, he promised himself to be a real gentleman. He laughed, recalling her irresistible walk in which he still heard the sound of heels. Cats have everything they need, he thought. They have admiration for others, long sleep and company – only when they want to, of course. He didn’t think much; he just bought a flower and anxiously kept walking towards restaurant.

He wrote on the card:

“Time spent with a cat is never lost, even when she prepares the most reliable trick in the world. Distraction.”



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